For Home Buyers

Buying a home, especially for first-time homebuyers, can be a daunting prospect unless you’re represented by a qualified Realtor© who knows how to communicate and explain the process every step of the way.

I come from the field of public relations and entered the realm of real estate to guide homebuyers through expert counsel and communications to a sane and satisfactory transaction. From the first “getting to know you and me” meeting to identifying homes on the market in the buyer’s price range and with the expressed preferences -- to the offer and negotiating for best price, to the closing -- I am there to make all the difference for you.

After finding the perfect house, my specialty is “holding the deal together” on behalf of the buyer through attention to detail, fact-finding, full disclosure of all information, and polite persistence with other parties.

Whether this is your first time out, or if you’ve owned many homes and now plan downsizing for retirement, I can empathize, understand and suggest all the right options to make your purchase a pleasurable experience.

For Home Sellers

Sometimes there is a perception that Realtors© make a lot of money for what they do. You can trust me when I say that every penny of their commission is earned, and this is especially the case on the seller’s side of the deal.

I have personally identified as many as 172 individual duties I perform as a matter of course for sellers with whom I work, but no matter how many functions are required for the sale of a home, the most important element of a Realtor©/Client relationship is the understanding and empathy shown when challenges occur in the course of the transaction, and this is of utmost importance to me and the way I work.

From my first appointment at which I solicit information about you and your dreams and present a comparative marketing analysis for the pricing of your property, up to the closing, and even after the closing, I am there to support the your objectives and to keep you fully informed of all market conditions that affect the sale of your home.

In my parallel career as a marketing practitioner, I hold clear and concise communications and attention to detail as the mainstays of my work. I would like to perform the same kind of attentive service for you.

Invite me to guide the sale of your home on an exciting and well-informed journey together. To launch that trip, call me today at 914-522-2076.